Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strange Goings On in Tea Party Land

Meet Jack Davis, the Tea Party Candidate in the recently decided special election in NY 26. 

Jack didn't win but is being credited, accused and talked badly about all over Tea Party land. The democrats who won the special election are saying this one special election is the harbinger of a major democrat comeback in 2012 featuring the re-election of Rockin' Barry O and regaining control of the US House.

I got to admit that I didn't pay any attention to this race while it was under way because I do not see any difference between a republican candidate and a Tea Party candidate. To me, it's same. same, higher, higher. I do enjoy the tension  generated by folks claiming to be tea party types and their more traditional republican brothers and sisters who are actually in charge of stuff. It was quite a bit of fun last year whilst on the campaign trail to engage in conversation with folks sporting tea party pins, buttons, hats and tea shirts and especially those hand made home made signs. 

I like the signs. Some where pretty damn creative.

I find it incredible that Jack Davis is being pilloried by fellow travelers in republicanland for having the temerity to run. I don't know enough about special elections in New York state, but here in Georgia, if there's a special election for state house or senate, anybody who wants to run pays out $400 and takes a crack at it.

Some folks are even staying that ol' Jack was a democrat stalking horse, parroting the Tea Party line to strip support from the republican candidate. Hey, that's the job of the Libertarian Party! 

It's ancient history now, but google the dude and check out his campaign site. I don't hold with tariffs or medicare or social security but I am an anomaly. 

I'm a Libertarian.

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