Friday, May 13, 2011

Where in Hell is Georgia HD 133?

Time's running out for anyone who wants to take a crack at the special election for Georgia House District 113. SecState Brian Kemp has announced the qualifing window will start bright and early on Monday, 16 MAY 2011 and end abruptly at noon on Wednesday, 18 MAY 2011. Show up at 12:01 and you're SOL.

Who might be entering the fray? I have no idea. I am certain that there is an anointed republican candidate or two and there should be a democrat somewhere up there around Athens who lives in the district. I haven't heard a peep from anybody in the LP as to whether they've rounded up a candidate and the same goes for the guys and gals over at Georgia's Green Party. 

I worked on a couple of special elections during the last two years on behalf of some stellar LP candidates like Taylor Bryant and David Montane and I gotta say they're quite a bit of fun as the election cycle is short, start up costs are low and turn out for these things is small enough that there's a glimmer of hope for third party types that a victory is possible. The reality is a bit different in that the establishment candidate, republican or democrat, is going to win. That's how the districts are drawn by the guys and gals down to the statehouse. A safe seat is a safe seat is a safe seat.

That does not mean the average citizen with $400 bucks and a month and a half to kill can't join the party. In fact, special elections are the only truly fair elections in Georgia in that there is no limit to the number of candidates that could participate. Neither the republican party or the democrat party can rely on the usual roadblocks to limit the publics choice in special elections, instead they rely on 8% to 10% turnouts to hang onto the seat. They win because they get it.

So if you're considering a run as a third party type, Libertarian, Green, Pirate, Constitutional, or any other and  you need free blogging/FlipCam support just fire off a comment. 

I love stirrin' the pot.

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