Friday, May 13, 2011

Hey, Hey Hey, I'm a Light of Liberty Today!

It's on a website so it must be true.

Today's FaceBook surprise was to see that I'm on a lengthy list of folks who qualified for the Lights of Liberty award from the fine folks over at the Advocates for Self Government up in Cartersville Georgia.

No cash involved as far as I can tell, but there might be nifty award certificate on it's way even as I type. I am interested in access to the Advocates Insider Newsletter as there might actually be some inside news to be had. Like who's going to carry the banner of Liberty in the HD 113 special election.

While I never even considered a triathlon as I feel strongly that riding a bike without a motor is not civilized, I am tempted to send off some dispatches to local traditional media outlets in order to satisfy one of the conditions I just didn't meet in this years cycle. Writing a Libertarian blog pitched at a Libertarian audience does not count for the purposes of the award, nor should it.

So congrats to hordes of other "Lights" out there. Especially those in the great state of Georgia!

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