Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aeromagnetic Anomalies in Georgia?! Say it Ain't So!

Cool huh? Anything with NanoTeslas gets my attention.

Since it's a slow news day and an even slower Liberty day, I've decided to crack open my anomaly file and share with the readership some of the tasty bits I've discovered since getting addicted to the internet way back in 1995. 

My interest in magnetic anomalies springs from an theory I formed during my prolonged flirtation with my favorite form of fiction, Science Fiction. If you were looking for the remains of an ancient terrestrial base, and I mean ancient, I mean at least 1,000,000 freakin' years old, how could you find it? A million years of weathering and plate tectonics and earthquakes and hurricanes and stuff should pretty well erase all physical evidence of that sort of thing, even if our alien visitors built everything they had out of Unobtanium. One of the things that might not be erased by the passage of time could be magnetic or gravitic anomalies.

These cool-i-o maps of our planets magnetic fields look like the ticket. I've been all over the great state of Georgia and that big pink lump at 220 NanoTesla's 90 klic's north of the Florida line between Adel and Douglas intrigues me. it's flat as a pancake down there, What's causing that severe a field fluctuation? Heavy mineralization? Sam's Club Magnet Distribution Center? Buried alien spaceport?

Of the three choices, I really prefer the ancient alien spaceport idea, although I dimly recall other references in that area to some sort of portal to the 'underworld'. Whichever it turns out to be it probably won't influence next years election or deflect in the slightest the impending partisan wackery of our democrat and republican brothers and sisters. 

It's certainly more interesting than a moat with alligators on the Tex-Mex border, unless they have Tasers embedded in their skulls. 

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