Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bludgeon & Skewer Endorse Smilin' Dan Matthews (D) for Georgia HD 113

Special Election Calculus time Kids.

The race for the special election up there in WatkinsvilleLand pits one lone democrat against three republicans in a super solid republican district. This guy is an underdog and nobody understands underdogs like Libertarians. I'm thinking 4000 votes will be cast in this shindig, and if nobody clears the 50% +1 hurdle, then a runoff will occur between the top two vote getters.

Can Smilin' Dan keep the top republican under 50% +1 and best the #2 republican? It could happen. The first requirement will be to get every swinging Richard and Richardette democrat to the polls. There's about 5000 of them scattered around HD 113 according to the last election and if they get off the couch and do their civic duty we have one less republican screwing things up. 

In accordance with this blogs expressed desire to continually stir the pot and toss as many back bench bombs as possible into the mix, I call on every individual that voted for Libertarian Shane Bruce for Insurance Commissioner last year to vote for Democrat Dan Matthews in this race. How big an endorsement is that? Pretty damn small, I didn't win by any stretch but I did get votes in Oconee, Clark, Morgan and Oglethorpe counties that combined equals 2,186 votes.

2,186 Libertarian voters.

I hear-by call on all of my ardent and indifferent supporters to cast their ballots for Smilin' Dan Matthews to undo some of the damage inflicted on all of Georgia by the republican minority last November. 

Strike a blow for Liberty, vote for Dan Matthews in the Special Election in Georgia House District 113!


  1. I know Dan. I actually sent a few bucks to his campaign. He will definetly push this to a run off.

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