Sunday, May 15, 2011

An Account from Libertarian Doug Harmon on Yesterday's LP Outreach in Athens

Doug is the Man.

No chairs were thrown but a good time was had by all at yesterdays Athens LP Outreach effort at the Athens Human Rights Festival. No Republican's were present as they were all down in Macon Booing Governor Deal. Other brands of politics were present as Doug informs us.

(I especially like HPiC)

From Doug Harmon:

Observation from the Athens Human Rights Festival May 14, 2011

by Doug Harman on Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 10:45pm

The Athens - Area Libertarian Party Affiliate operated an "Operation Politically Homeless" outreach booth today at the Athens Human Rights Festival. 
We were largely outnumbered by the Liberals, Progressives and some that identified themselves as Communists, but we stood our ground, administered the "World's Smallest Political Quiz" without reservation or prejudice and honestly posted all  of the results. We took a great idea from Wes Benedict last year in DC, of using the Advocates for Self Government's "Nolan Quiz" chart and applying colored stickers, that corespond to the subject's acknowledged party affilitation, to the location of the result. Red for Republicans, Blue for Democrats, Yellow for Libertarians and Green for Independents (and one Red with a large black C for the one self identified Communist).
A lot of people who identified themselves as Democrats, Republicans and Independets were surprised to find themselves in the Libertarian quadrant of the chart. One Democrat was quite taken a back and his commentary led Affiliate member J.P. to coin a new slogan "The Proud  Purveyors of Your Ah-Ha Moment Since 1971".
The Communist Party was set up in the booth next to us, thinly veiled as "Revolution Books" and provided us with some of the most humorous moments of the day.  The HPiC (Head Proletariat in Charge) railing against the "Capitalist - Corportatist Tyranny" all the while suckling his $5 Starbucks Venti Iced Mocha and his female CiA (Comrade in Arms) sporting a sticker on her shirt that said Capitalism Stinks and $100 Asic Cross Trainers on her feet.  Now that's what I call dedication to your cause!
The Democratic Party of Athens - Clarke County showed up 3 hours after the event started, played a bizzare game of "Pin The Tail On The Donkey" where they blindfolded the unsuspecting victim, turned them around a few times and then shoved them toward a lovely little picture of a jack ass, where they were to attempt to hang a tail in the appropriate spot.  If successful, the victim was given a Democrat T-Shirt or signed up to vote or something.  The rules of engagement were unclear.
I did attempt to extend the olive branch to former US House Candidate (GA District 10) Russell Edwards, D, by asking him to take "The World's Smallest Political Quiz", which he very accomodatingly did.  Mr. Edwards answered all of the questions and scored 60/20, which oddly set him squarely in the same spot as our one self avowed Communist.
Mr. Edwards then took to the stage during an "Open Mic" segment and promoted his new "Progressive" radio show, "True Georgia" which airs on WGAU 1340am in Athens at 10:00am on Saturdays.  He made a statement on stage that I found particularly offensive, based on our earlier conversation.  "The Democratic Party is the party that stands up for the rights of everyone, regardless of color or background", wow, really?  Based on the answers that he gave me in the "World's Smallest Political Quiz" and the ensuing commentary, he supports a military draft (indentured servitude/slavery), censorship of some speech (direct conflict with the First Amendment of The Constitution), believes in corporate welfare (government picking winners and losers in business - he got mad when I asked if campaign contributions would affect who is chosen as a winner), He was not at all for "Free Trade", Trusts government bureaucrats over investors when it comes to retirement savings, and doesn't think we could cut 50% of government spending.
It was further upsetting to Mr. Edwards when I pointed out that the current Democrat President has sanctioned the killing of US Citizens at home and abroad, has started two UnConstitutional military conflicts and has escalated the war in Afghanistan, hasn't ended the war in Iraq or closed Gitmo as promised.
I felt at that point I would take the high road and not mention to him that save for the Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq, every major military conflict involving Americans in the last 200 years has been started by Democrats, but I digress, the Democrats then picked up and were gone before 4:00pm. I would like to apologize to Mr. Edwards for pointing out the truth, it can be painful.
The Communists have killed tens of millions of people in the last 100 years.  I can't for the life of me figure out what either of those groups were doing at a "Human Rights Festival".
The Republicans had enough sense to "remain unaffiliated" with the festival.
I can honestly say that we, The Libertarian Party, were the only political party represented at the festival today that has never started a war, sent a man into combat to commit government sanctioned murder, or pretended to support something that we really don't.  We are the Party of Principle, We support 100% of The Bill of Rights, for 100% of The People, 100% of The Time.

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