Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mayhem in Macon, Republican Faithful Slap Down Governor Deal

Sheesh, they had a freakin' manual?

Manual or not, it appears that our republican brothers and sisters have seen fit to keep Sue Everhart on station as the chairwoman of the Georgia republican party for another two years. Meh. The really cool-i-o part is that the republican faithful who attended said convention saw fit to "Boo!" the Governor they gleefully elected last November over his attempt to replace Ms. Everhart with one each Tricia Pridemore.

Now I realize that most of the readership does not keep up with internal Georgia republican party politics, I don't either. I'm usually too busy trying to figure out what's wrong with my fleet of personally owned vehicles to spend a lot of time on intra-party politics, especially a party I don't belong to. Fortunately, Bill Simon over at Political Vine does have the time and really likes to dig around in the Georgia republican party basement for all sorts of stuff. I'm on his email list and he's been very active over the last week or so on the topic of Ms. Pridemore. 

As usual with republicans, there are hints and allegations that all the money sloshing around over there in RepublicanLand has been pushed, packed, sluiced and washed into the hands of Governor Deal's many supporters and the general feeling was that said activity would only intensify if the Guvnor got his pick. Now we'll never know because Sue Everhart will run the show for the next two years,

Another interesting tidbit popped up in Big Jim Galloway's column on the event from yesterdays Political Insider wherein he revealed the secret identity of the actual owner of the Georgia Republican Party, Col. Larry  Mrozinski. The Colonel (O5? O6?) stated that 
“This party belongs to us. We will not make the mistake to turn the party over to those who we, the people, [elect],” 

Curious. The republicans swept last years election, they hold every statewide seat from Governor down to the Tiny Tim Echols over at the PSC and they don't trust the people they put in office to run their own party, How does that work? Does that mean that the 2,110 attendees at the Macon convention actually run the state? Who the hell is in charge over there?

That's what you get when you buy off on the concept of a two party, winner take all system of representational government. Their 26% of the voting population carried the day last November and as a result, the rest of us are stuck with their picks and it turns out they don't trust their picks anymore than I do.

Anybody else think that it might be time to start talking about proportional representation?

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