Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re-Run #13, From 22 AUG 10, Libertarian Shane Bruce Politickin' at the Pool

Decatur is where it's at.

If you gotta live ITP, Decatur is the place to be. It was a grueling political day topped off by a charity event sponsored by my community pool for the Atlanta Food Bank. Sure as hell beats the pants off the campaign trail Bar-B-Que's during the heat of the day.

I wonder what democrat Mary Squires listens to? She is a contemporary of mine as far as age brackets go. Grateful Dead? Men at Work? Linda Ronstadt? I think republican Ralph Hudgens has got to be a CW fan, Hall county is Hall county. 

Well whatever music nation you belong to, remember that Libertarian Shane Bruce will work for your best interests as a citizen of Georgia in insurance matters. And I'll do it with a smile, maybe.

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