Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re-Run #14, From 4 SEPT 10, Libertarian Shane Bruce Politickin' at the Decatur BookFest

Bookfest, Baby, Bookfest.

Not a raucous time by any means. Lots of folks scouting around looking for something to read, a major change from Decatur's annual BeerFest which I missed due to work constraints. I was amazed at the seemingly high correlation between people who read books and are pissed off at their insurance providers. Then again the one thing I've learned from my personal experiment in Libertarian candidacy is that there doesn't seem to be anybody in Georgia who's happy about insurance.

My opponents and the eventual winner of the race for Commissioner of Insurance really ought to keep that in mind after the winner swears in. It's fine and dandy to have the support and the votes of the people, but there is some serious work that needs to get started on the consumer satisfaction front. I'm wondering if democrat Mary Squires is up to it and whether republican Ralph Hudgens is even aware of the issues Georgia consumers have with the status quo.

Of course you can always vote for Libertarian Shane Bruce as I do have a heads up on the issue.

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