Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re-Run #12, From 21 AUG 10, Libertarian Shane Bruce Politickin' at the Georgia Carry Convention

Practical, Tactical Insurance Baby.

I had a great time at this year's Georgia Carry Convention manning the LP Booth with Libertarian Kevin Cherry and his son Andrew. The Flipcam endorsement we shot of Andrew talking about his dad was a bright spot int he day and has pulled more downloads from the Bludgeon & Skewer YouTube channel that either my bit or Kevin's. That's kinda cool.

There is no political party in America that is more on board with 2nd amendment rights than Libertarians. We understand that there is a reason the founding fathers considered it second only to free speech in the newly born nation of America.

I have no idea what my opponents stance on the 2nd amendment is. I have to figure that democrat Mary Squires has left that out the race because no one introduced it as an insurance issue. I also gotta believe that republican Ralph Hudgens is pro 2nd amendment because hey, he's republican. I doubt that either of them consider it a make or break issue in this race. I do.

Remember, when trouble occurs, the police are 5, 10, 15 minutes away and your needs might be a bit more immediate than that. Having some portable, handheld, re-loadable insurance on your person might be the prudent thing to do.

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