Sunday, October 31, 2010

Libertarian Video Tsunami Wave 3, But First a Word From Our Sponsor.

Almost Done Folks.

Wave three of the Libertarian Insurance Commissioner Video Tsunami will commence in a few moments, but first a few words from our sponsor.

Liberty. Liberty. Liberty.

When I first started transitioning from a wishy washy republican to a solid Libertarian two years ago I never even  considered doing more than supporting Libertarian candidates in Georgia. The DeKalb LP meetings were fun and full of contrast and controversies as you would expect, the candidates I provided blog support to were determined to influence the debate and worked as hard as they could to achieve victory within the frameworks of their campaigns. 

It is remarkable to me that the Libertarian Party is still able to find people willing to put so much of themselves and their lives into the struggle for Liberty knowing the chances for conventional success are dim. I believe that we all still hear the bell tolling down the Appalachians from Philadelphia, that faint ringing in our ears that reminds us that a few determined individuals can affect the course of History. And so we have in Georgia.

The probable winner in my particular contest started out as a pretty solid republican with some Libertarian leanings and got even more Libertarian as the contest proceeded. That is a small victory for Liberty, he's on board with doing away with Georgia's Health Insurance Mandates and at least reducing the Health Insurance Premium Tax. Will republican Ralph Hudgens ever cross the divide of understanding that all citizens are equal no matter what their sexual orientation is? I doubt that. Will he see the light about the ethical dilemma presented by accepting campaign contributions from industry players in the Insurance field? I doubt that as well. But progress has been made towards Liberty and that will have to suffice.

There are two more days left in this contest. The field is prepared, the contestants are beginning to sprint towards the finish line and Georgian's are preparing to cast their ballots and have their say. I urge each and every one of you to consider the future on November 2nd, not the past. I encourage you to consider the positive effects that Liberty has had on our great nation and how the pursuit of Liberty can guide all of us to a better and brighter tomorrow.

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote the Libertarian Ticket on 2 NOV 10!

P.S. Especially Libertarian Shane Bruce for Commissioner of Insurance!

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