Saturday, October 30, 2010

Re-Run #11, From 12 AUG 10, Libertarian Shane Bruce on Alternative Transportation

I love Scooters.

There's nothing like an early evening scoot around the neighborhood to help set the tone for a relaxing evening. In addition to being wonderful utility vehicles their gas sipping nature makes you wonder why more things with wheels can't get 90 mpg.

I can't see democrat Mary Squires riding one, I see her more as a golf cart queen and in my minds eye republican Ralph Hudgens seems like a riding lawn mower guy.

One of the non-issue areas of the Commissioner of Insurance race is the impact that some sort of inside 285 scooter transportation net might have. It could be developed utilizing railroad rights of way and the natural stream beds that criss cross the area. If it was possible for a commuter to jump on scooter in Decatur and ride all the way to Georgia State without the hazards of street traffic we would all see a drop in rates. And an increase in Liberty.

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