Saturday, October 30, 2010

From the Campaign of Libertarian Dr. Jim Sendelbach

Hot outta the email box.

Libertarian Candidate for Public Service Commissioner District 2 Dr. Jim Sendelbach has sent along these observations on the state of the race. 

Who will be our next Public Service Commissioner?

There’s Democratic candidate, Keith Moffett who says it’s time for diversity on the PSC.    Read everything else about him on the AJC Voter Guide.  Oh, that’s right.  He didn’t respond to the questionnaire, nor to the AARP questionnaire, nor to the League of Women Voters questionnaire.  Not very promising, Keith.

There’s Republican Tim Echols.  He started his campaign under a cloud of ethic violations.  Great start Tim – inspires a lot of confidence in your ethics.  Did you learn that skill from ethics violator Oxendine when you were his campaign manager?  Echols has great income streams from his profit-making business, his non-profit business, and services as a minister.  Wow.  He is willing to take a gigantic pay cut to “serve” the public.  Or is he?  Maybe his PSC salary is just going to be an addition to his other income.  Echols didn’t say he would give up his other jobs and his other income streams to support his wife and 7 children.

There’s Libertarian Dr. Jim Sendelbach.  He thinks the 6-year term is excessive and wants to shorten it to 2 years.  He thinks the guaranteed profit to a utility is legalized robbery of consumers.  He thinks the territorial barriers prevent free market and competition to work on behalf of the ratepayers.  He thinks a 5 male Republican commission is a formula for disaster for the consumers.  And he wants voters to vote out all of the existing commissioners because they are way too friendly with the utilities and their lobbyists.  

Good luck on that platform, Dr. Jim.

I am of the opinion that Dr. Jim has just prescribed the correct medicine for the ills of the PSC as currently constituted. The citizens of Georgia have the opportunity next Tuesday to administer the dose and see what the reactions are. 

You can choose Liberty over servitude and vote the Libertarian ticket or remain  economic serfs to the never ending thirst of our "Public Utilities".

Vote for Minimum Government and Maximum Freedom! Vote for Libertarian Dr Jim Sendelbach for PSC District 2! 


  1. Dr. Jim is a nice guy, and I have enjoyed getting to know him throughout the campaign.

    FYI, I have given away over 1000 copies of "The Law" by F. Bastiat. Most libertarians probably appreciate that.


    Tim Echols

  2. OK,

    I gotta know. Is this the real Tim Echols? The Ox Clone Tim Echols? The Tim Echols on the ballot next Tuesday? Really?

    I await your response.

    Shane Bruce