Saturday, October 30, 2010

Re-Run #10, From 25 JUL 10, Libertarian Shane Bruce Politikin' at the Junkyard

It was blazing hot.

Nuclear hot, center of the earth hot, man it was hot. But as with most of videos it was fun to do. Not that I would another one of these in 101 degree temps in full sun. No way.

I'm thinking that republican Ralph Hudgens has turned a wrench or two as a young man, not so much now. I don't think democrat Mary Squires was ever a closet grease monkey, those women are few and far between. That's just a guess on my part, not a breaking scoop fit for the 11:00PM news.

So have you ever wondered about the flotsam and jetsam generated daily on I-285? If you have just drop by your local junkyard and you'll see how all the cars end up. Even yours.

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