Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot at the Augusta Chronicle

It's a post AWA world.

Just retrieved the teens from AWA and ran into a neat little article over that the Augusta Chronicle by Aaron Sheinin and Susan McCord about the recent Mason Dixon/GNP poll that has John Monds at 5%. It is of interest to note that the polling operation was conducted prior to this weeks revelations about Nathan Deal's inability to to fill out financial disclosure statements.

It seems that this poll indicates that Georgian's are concerned about jobs (47%), education (?) and government spending (12%). Guess who has that covered?

We're 6 weeks or so from election day and every post counts so I urge the readership to pile on this particular comment trail. Here are the breadcrumbs I left in my wake:

Greetings All,
There most certainly is a nondestructive choice for Governor this year and his name is John Monds, the Libertarian Candidate. As a matter of fact, there's an entire Libertarian slate of nondestructive choices for every statewide office in Georgia this year, a range of choices that Georgians have never had before. I see from my cyber-travels around the Georg-O-sphere that not many people are pleased or proud of the candidates that the republican and democrat parties have offered up this cycle. There's plenty of carping all around and "would have" and "should have" seem to be ruling the two party roost.
We're not spending anytime over here in LibertyLand with "would have" or "should have". We have our eyes cast towards the future, we stand for smaller government, lower taxes and more personal freedom and we will work every day for Liberty. Join with us. Make change happen in Georgia in 2010 by voting for Libertarian John Monds.

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