Friday, September 17, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Libertarian John Monds

From the Keyboard of Mrs. Sharon Ringler over at John Monds FaceBook Page

Top Ten Reasons I'm voting for John Monds for Governor...

10. He's not a career politician.

9. His family looks an awful lot like mine … so I believe he really understands what the "average" Georgian wants and needs.

8. He's willing to move Georgia forward on issues that have been interfering with Georgia's future.

7. His ideas for state tax reform will make Georgia a state we can live in retirement.

6. He brings a common-sense business approach to Georgia's future transportation needs!

5. He supports empowering parents to have more school options through a $4,000 tax credit!

4. He is a thinker and an innovator … not just a mouth-piece for a tired rhetoric or a broken agenda.

3. He knows that empowering individuals and small-businesses will bring long-term financial health and stability to Georgia.

2. He will work with both Democrats and Republicans to get things done!

1. He knows that the people are what do and will make Georgia great!!

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