Saturday, September 18, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot at the Augusta Chronicle Some More!

Wow. Two posts, one newspaper, one day.
And I thought the article by Sheinin and McCord was good. Check out Walter Jones' work over to the Augusta Chronicle. You know the drill, comment, baby, comment.

Greetings All,
Looks like the Augusta Chronicle is the place to be in the world of political speculation on this years Governor's race. As to Chillen's contention that Libertarian John Monds might be in a better position as a Tea Party Republican, I disagree. While the concepts of smaller government and lower taxes are central to both the established Libertarian party of Georgia and Georgia's Tea Party movement, there is only one candidate in this years election that has solidly embraced it. That's Libertarian John Monds.
We libertarians have a completely different take on social issues that are at odds with the Tea Party's political roots as disgruntled republicans. We support the concept that each individual is sovereign, that each individual owns himself or herself and each individual is responsible for his actions, choices and the results of them. The idea of eliminating victimless crimes or decriminalizing marijuana or getting the state out of the marriage business does not sit well with the Tea Party members I've met during this campaign season but are some of the concepts that we believe individuals need to make for themselves without the diktat of state interference.
So the question is, can the members of the Tea Party movement tolerate a little more freedom or will they march in lockstep with the republican cadre's to elect Nathan Deal as Governor? My mind is made on the matter, I'll be voting for smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom. I'll be voting for John Monds and the rest of the Libertarian Ticket this November.

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