Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot at the Augusta Chronicle

Great Article over at the Augusta Chronicle.

Change is in the wind when the biggest newspaper in Georgia's second largest media market put up an article on Citizen Politicians. The readership is encouraged to head over and give this little gem a read and toss in a comment or two as well. Here's the breadcrumbs I left:

Greetings All,

Nice to see some support at the Augusta Chronicle for the concept of Citizen Politician. Georgian's have a unique opportunity this election cycle to implement our founding father's vision of a political class that does not treat politics as a career field by electing Libertarians to every statewide office in Georgia. There is only one political party operational in Georgia that fields candidates that are not slick, polished political pros and we Libertarians are proud to have citizens like Chuck Donovan, John Monds, Dan Barber, David Chastain, Kira Willis, Kevin Cherry, Will Costa, Shane Bruce, Don Smart, Jim Sendelbach and Augusta's own Taylor Bryant carrying the banner of Liberty this fall.

The democrats and republicans have had their time do to the public's bidding and have failed. It is time to try something different, it's time to try Libertarians. Google these candidates and discover for yourself if their views mirror your own. Then get off the couch and get involved. Vote for maximum freedom and minimum government, Vote Libertarian!

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