Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot over at the AJC's Georgia Elections Central

538, baby, 538.

There's a great thread running over at the AJC's Georgia Elections Central on the recent report issued by democrat polling stalwart Nate Silver at 538 blog. Nate says Johnny Isakson is a shoo in, game over man, drop a nuke on it from orbit, stick a fork in it, it's freakin' done.

Not so fast there shorty. This shindig has another 7 weeks to run and anything can happen in politics. I've left some breadcrumbs in the comment trail and encourage the readership to follow suit.

Greetings All,

With a commanding 14 point lead in a two way poll, isn't it a bit early to trot out the "Vote Libertarian and the evil democrat will win" line? Shouldn't we wait another 6 weeks or so and then get hysterical about how the Libertarian candidate is "stealing" votes that rightfully belong to the republican incumbent? Because 6 weeks from now Libertarian Chuck Donovan will be saying the same thing he's saying right now, that Johnny Isakson has failed the spending test over and over and over again. And Johnny's gonna keep failing that test as long as the citizens of Georgia keep sending him back to DC. He's a republican, he can't help but reward his supporters with your money.

Is 2010 the year for change? Can an underfunded, understaffed, underestimated Libertarian like Chuck Donovan make a difference in this campaign? Yes. You know Johnny Isakson. You know what to expect from Johnny, more of the same old same old. Learn more about Chuck Donovan and you just might start thinking and you might just raise the bar of expectations. Johnny won't clear that bar.

Vote for smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom! Vote for Libertarian Chuck Donovan for US Senate.

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