Monday, September 13, 2010

The Atlanta Press Club Debate Schedule is Up!

Hot Diggity Damn.

The Atlanta Press Club schedule is online and I'm doomed to meet my opponents at 6:30PM on the 26th of October for the only debate the Insurance Commissioner's race will have at the moment. The guys and gals over at the AJC's Georgia Elections Central have a post up with appropriate links the APC's schedule so be sure to cruise by and mark your calenders. I couldn't help but post another shameless plug for my $19.95 campaign and left the following breadcrumbs in my wake:

Greetings All,

You could wait until the 26th of October and watch the Atlanta Press Club Debates to see how I stack up against republican Hudgens and democrat Squires or you could hotfoot it over to YouTube and see one of the largest collections of real time Georgia political videos in existence. Search OODA999 and see all my videos as well as most of the Libertarian slate in unedited splendor.

No focus groups, no media consultants, no image consultants. Just citizens running for office on a wing and a prayer and a flipcam. I guarantee it's more entertaining than the debates will be and you'll get a better feel for where our candidates stand to boot.

Vote for maximum freedom and minimum government! Vote the Libertarian Ticket this Fall!

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