Saturday, July 31, 2010

State of the Run Off from a Libertarian Point of View

Looks like Libertarian John Monds is 5 by 5 and in the glide path.

The republican slug fest for the Governors race continues unabated with Karen "Ethics" Handel and Nathan "Stinky" Deal adding insult to injury with snide comments on age, gender and personal health. The good news for Liberty is that both of these cats are shaking the republican money tree as hard and fast as they can and reportedly about a million bucks worth of donations have flowed into their campaigns as of Friday. At this rate they'll have raised another million or so by the 13th and I'll wager all of it will disappear into the gaping maw of conventional media as they saturate the airwaves with TV/Radio/Direct Mail attack pieces.

The same story is repeating itself in the republican run off for Insurance Commissioner and the PSC contest albeit on a much smaller scale. The fair Maria has unleashed her campaign manager on her website who has called Ralph "Huggie Bear" Hudgens everything but a child of god. I do think that this Ballou chick had a good idea in the making when she called for Ralph to refund his salary as State Senator and urged him to return all the campaign contributions he's gotten from insurance industry operatives.

Matter of fact, I'll go one better than my erstwhile opponents and call on the both of them to return every dime they've collected from people who work in the industries the Office of the Commissioner regulates. It's a major chunk of change and both of them are guilty as hell of taking donations from insurance operatives and industrial loan operatives. Yeah, I know that they cloak it with statement's about the money is not from Insurance companies, it's from the people that work there and so it's OK and there's no reason to deny the little guys the ability to buy the politician of their choice. There is a big reason. Ethics.

How can the Insurance Commissioner claim to be an impartial regulator looking out for the best interests of the citizens of Georgia if he/she took money from anyone in the industry he/she regulates. Is King Solomon in this race? He sure as hell didn't pay his qualifying fee.

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  1. Great idea! I'll go one better. Since it's so seldom that an individual can be that honest how about an Insurance Commission instead of a commissioner? Part timers!!!!!