Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Republican Run Off for Insurance Commissioner is Heating up

This just in From Political Vine.

Lots of nifty news folks on the state of the race between Ralph "Huggy Bear" Hudgens and the fair Maria Sheffield in the republican run off for the Insurance Commissioner gig. The readership is encouraged to head over to Political Vine for all the details but the snapshot is:

Ralph's got about $8 Million bucks laying around the house.

Maria was knocking back more money as a Lawyer than the Insurance Commissioner pays and has managed to build some personal wealth, not Ralph level wealth, but a nice chunk of change. Remember that Ralph's had about 30 more years to stack it back than the fair Maria, I'm sure she'll catch up.

They both got campaign money from the same sources as the Ox did. No Insurance Company money or Industrial Loan money as that would be illegal. It's the perfectly legitimate money from individuals that work in the Insurance industry or the Industrial loan industry. Obviously there are no strings attached, no associations to be inferred and absolutely no sense of impropriety.


I'm gonna claim the high ground here and categorically state that I will not accept any donations from anybody in any of the industries regulated by the office of the Insurance Commissioner. It just isn't right and I'm not gonna do it.

The Insurance Commissioner is supposed to represent the people of Georgia and look out for the best interests of the consumers in this state, not the people that own the companies that provide them services. So now that I've knocked the legs out the most lucrative segment of fundraising available to conventional aspirants for the job of Insurance Commissioner, how am I gonna be able to run my campaign?

Just like I've run it so far. On a wing and a prayer and a flipcam. So feel free to bump those flippy's around folks. Drop by my facebook page and friend me up and Google "Libertarian Shane Bruce" every once in a while.

Come November, I'll be glad you did.

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