Friday, July 2, 2010

Republican Insurance Commissioner Candidate Ralph Hudgens gets a Free Pass on the $106K "mistake"

Kind of looks like Jabba, don't he?

Big news folks, the leading republican contender for the Office of Commissioner of Insurance skated through an Ethic's Commission hearing on the supposed impropriety of dumping $106,000 bucks out one of his campaign accounts into another without saying the magic word. How many campaign accounts has this guy got?

The kicker of the story is that another republican candidate for the same gig, Maria Sheffield, has been screaming bloody murder about how rotten the move was and has sent out various and sundry press releases about it. Apparently, the members of the State Ethics Commission are not on her mailing list. But all is not lost for the fair Maria, with typical republican bloodlust for money, she's now crowing about how the cash difference between to the two campaigns is only $8900 bucks.

I can't wait to see the fundrasing numbers from last quarter when they finally get reported because that'll tell us who's gonna be in the run-off. I'm picking Ralph "Jabba" Hudgens vs Maria Sheffield and if the readership will participate in the republican primary as well as the republican run-off, you can help make my dream come true.

I really, really, really want the fall ballot to read:

Shane Bruce (L)
Maria Sheffield (R)
Mary Squires (D)

Please note the headliner position due to the spelling of the last name, that's worth 20% right there!


  1. Hmmm! Interesting. I have seen and talked to Maria on a number of occassions. I follow her on Facebook, Twitter and "catch up with her" whenever I see her. I dont believe she has the substance to be a successful Insurance Commissioner. She rarely talks about the issues and rarely offers any solutions from what I have heard from her.

    Ethics violations are paramount in this election cycle. She was a lawyer under Oxendine, she shares his email list ... she is Oxendine's candidate.

    Then you have Tim Echols, Oxendine's former campaign manager, running for Public Service Commissioner. Ethics violations are constantly surfacing regarding people want to have Ox as Governor, Echols as PSC and Maria as Insurance Commissioner? HELLO!!!! Wake up! THIS is exactly what the tea party movement has been fighting against for over a year and a half.

  2. Spot on LadyLiberty1776,

    I've had similar thoughts along those lines: