Friday, July 2, 2010

Undecided Rules the Roost in the Latest Insider Advantage Poll on the Georgia Governor's Race

Undecided knocks one out of the Park!

Talk about the energizer bunny of Georgia politics! Undecided took the top position in the latest Insider Advantage poll released today over at the Southern Political Report. this latest poll reflects the sinking fortunes and rapidly declining vote shares of republican candidates John Oxendine, Karen Handel and Nathan Deal as the Undecided Juggernaut rolls on.

This latest poll has led to a change of assessment of potential turn out for this years republican primary. It's gone from high turn out to lower than expected to absolutely abysmal as Undecided's ugly sister Inertia, is expected to keep potential republican voters on the couch watching cable as opposed to going to the polls.

Such is the power of Undecided when the candidate field is this lackluster. The good news for Liberty is that which ever loser actually wins the republican primary, they will pale in comparison to Libertarian John Monds on November 2nd.

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  1. Only three candidates were concerned enough to show up in Columbia County to debate about the critical water supply in our state. I would like for Barnes, Handel, Oxendine and the rest of the candidates to tell us if they plan on draining water from the Savannah River and dumping it into the Chattahoochee. This action would involve us in a costly water war with South Carolina and endanger Georgia’s commerce at the Port of Savannah. We are already in a legal battle with Florida and Alabama concerning the use of water in our region. Porter, Poythress, and Camon stated they are opposed to draining water from the Savannah. Roy Barnes do you have the intestinal fortitude to tell us where you stand on the issue? I ask the same question from you Republican candidates. Nathan Deal sent me an email stating he is against such transfers. No other candidate has responded.