Friday, July 2, 2010

Score: Georgia's 1943 Jim Crow Ballot Access Laws 2, Independents trying to Qualify by Petition 0

Yeah, but its kept the Commies out of Georgia.

Update time folks, Independent candidate for Fulton County commission Mary Norwood has thrown in the towel on her bid to run this fall according to the AJC's Political Insider. Mary's departure from the scene makes the second time in recent months when the arcane twisted world of ballot access in Georgia has claimed another aspirant to political office. The backroom boys of 1943 Georgia state house have to be proud that their crafty legislation has survived and thrived right up here to the edge of the future with overpowering success.

Millionaire Ray Boyd was the first victim of this 67 year old geriatric legislation when he came to the realization that this is a rigged game and he did not hold the house advantage. Rather than spend upwards of $250,000 to pay a petitioning company, he decided to shut down plan A and go to plan B. No news on plan B's progress.

The next victim to fall prey to our "Jason" of ballot access legislation should be our brand new Superintendent of Schools, that Brad Bryant guy. He faces the same hurdles that the other two defeated candidates faced and has even less time to gather signatures. On the plus side, he's one of Sonny's boys, the republican party of Georgia has promised to aid his efforts and another one of Sonny's boys, our current SecState, Brian Kemp will be vetting the signatures. Any bets on whether he qualifies?

Just to remind the readership, we've been on this ballot access issue from the get-go. Hell, it's the main reason I got involved in politics to begin with. Here's a link to the earliest known post at Bludgeon & Skewer from June of last year.

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