Saturday, May 15, 2010

Meet Libertarian Kira Willis Tomorrow at the Thirsty Dog Tavern in Atlanta

That's so 1776.

Nothing like modern politics in the Public House setting with a host of hound dogs prowling the floor for scraps. And to use the good graces of the Political Insider to further publicize the event makes it all the sweeter. Big Jim Galloway saw fit to amplify the Peach Pundit unknown candidate post about Kira Willis and so we had to stir the pot. Breadcrumbs are below:

Greetings All,

Things are all a-buzz and a-twitter over here at the Secret Underground Libertarian Command Center on the triple whammy almost endorsements for Libertarian Kira Willis over at Peach Pundit, RedState and here at the mighty, mighty AJC Political Insider. Since it's a matter of Public Record that Kira is the Libertarian Party of Georgia's candidate for the State School Superintendent the need to be coy with the readership is rendered moot.

As it happens, you have an opportunity to see what all the ruckus is about as Kira will be having a fundraiser at the Thirsty Dog Tavern at 2110 Peachtree Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30309 tomorrow. The event starts at 3:00PM and will run until all requirements for politic'n, speechifyin' and fundraisin' have been met. The Thirsty Dog is a pet friendly tavern so bring the dogs along for the ride. And bring a Jackson for Kira's campaign while you're at it.

At last report, at least two other Libertarian Candidates for Statewide office will be in attendance to support Kira's run. Libertarian David Chastain, candidate for Secretary of State and Libertarian Shane Bruce, candidate for Insurance Commissioner will be on site to cheer Kira on to victory this Fall.

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian Kira Willis for State Superintendent of Schools!

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