Saturday, May 15, 2010

State of the Race for Insurance Commissioner

Greetings All,

The District 42 campaign is done and Libertarian David Montané did a stellar job in carrying the Banner of Liberty another step closer to the goal line. It's time to shift my attention to the Insurance Commissioner race and begin to build a successful campaign.

Lot's of things to do between now and November, including but not limited to, recruiting volunteers to work on the campaign, begging for money to run the campaign and building a viable platform to challenge my republican opponent (who ever that ends up being) and democrat Mary Squires in the fall.

Among the first things to be addressed is whether to recreate my nascent FaceBook page or roll with what I've got and whether to set up a new website for the campaign or reorient the Bludgeon & Skewer blog site for that purpose. Any thoughts on those topics are appreciated.

I'll be hangin' with the crew at tomorrows event at the Thirsty Dog Tavern in Atlanta in support of Libertarian Kira Willis and her run for State School Superintendent. I encourage everyone to attend. Kira made history this week by being obliquely mentioned by Erik Erikson over at Peach Pundit and Redstate, come on down and see what the buzz is all about and bring any loose change you can dig out from the couch cushions

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