Sunday, May 16, 2010

State of the Race on FaceBook Update #3

Howdy Folks,

This is the third installment of the FaceBook Update series wherein we look at growth rates in FaceBook pages as a possible indicator of success at the polls this fall. Update three will reflect some changes in the process as we ditch our republican and democrat brothers and sisters and only look at the growth of our Libertarian Candidates. The terms will also be broadened to include multiple FaceBook pages in addition to the fan page only filter of the first two installments.

Here's the update:

US Senate Race
Libertarian Chuck Donovan
117 friends at the start
4APR10 221 Fans +104 Fans
11APR10 233 Fans +14
16MAY10 425 fans/friends +192 Fans/Friends

Georgia Governor's Race
Libertarian John Monds 346 fans at the start
4APR10 349 Fans +3 Fans
11APR10 348 Fans -1
16May10 1670 Fans/Friends +1322 Fans/Friends

Lt. Governor
Libertarian Rhonda Martini
16MAY10 33 Fans/Friends at the start

Georgia Secretary of State
Libertarian David Chastain 127 fans at the start
4APR10 129 Fans +2 Fans
11APR10 131 Fans +2
16 MAY 10 fans/Friends 669 +538

Labor Commissioner
Libertarian Will Costa 174 fans at the start
4APR10 233 Fans +59 Fans
11APR10 277 Fans +44 Fans
16MAY10 2094 Fans/Friends +1817 Fans/Friends

Superintendent of Schools
Libertarian Kira Willis 334 fans at the start
4APR10 379 Fans +45 Fans
11APR10 406 Fans +27 Fans
16MAY10 798 Fans/Friends +392

Commissioner of Agriculture
Libertarian Kevin Cherry
16MAY10 24 Fans/Friends at the start

Commissioner of Insurance
Libertarian Shane Bruce
16MAY10 161 Fans/Friends at the start

Public Service Commission District 2
Libertarian James Sendelbach 21 Fans/Friends at the start

Attourney General
Libertarian Don Smart
16MAY10 43 Fans/Friends at the start

So that's todays update, the growth leader for the last month is libertarian Will Costa with an aggregate total of 1817 Fans/Friends added to the rolls since 11 APR 10. Most of those are a result of the new tally technique, but numbers are numbers. We'll see how things work out next week with the next update!

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