Monday, May 10, 2010

Libertarian Stephen Vasil, the Newly Elected Vice Chair of the Georgia LP Speaks

Steve hits the ground running.

Here's the latest missive from Georgia LP Vice Chair Stephen Vasil courtesy of the Georgia Libertarian Online. You don't get the GLO? Then head over to the State LP website and get involved!

A Note From Our Vice Chairman, Stephen Vasil

I want to start off by thanking everyone for the opportunity afforded me to serve as Vice Chairman for the next two years. This is not a position with the Libertarian Party that I take lightly, and I will do my best to preserve and continue the positive movement for LP Georgia.

Looking at my goals for the next two years, my first is to support the LP Georgia state party office, as we organize, so we can support our members, the local affiliates, and our candidates. I have been "on the job" for only two weeks and with the assistance and feedback of those surrounding me, we have already made huge strides at the office. This is something that will take some time to fully develop, but once completed, we will spread our message of freedom and liberty like a brush fire in a drought. I have already starting making plans for events and fundraisers for LP Georgia with our Operations Director.

We remain in the early planning stages of a few events to take place in the second half of 2010, and once details have been finalized, we will asking for your assistance, spreading the word to everyone you know, volunteering and, most importantly, participating in these events. All are welcome and encouraged to attend, as we are NOT a party of exclusion. Our plan for the state party office is that it support all members and affiliates, as well as provide our state Executive Committee with the tools to create new and re-ignite the fire under our local affiliates. To our members and affiliates, please let us know how we can best support you as we spread the message. Remember, YOU are our eyes and ears at the local level, and we encourage you to contact Brett (our Operations Director) or myself with any questions, concerns or feedback.

As we organize, I will be working with our officers and Executive Committee to increase awareness about LP Georgia. The officers, Brett and I have committed to be at EVERY event possible to represent a candidate and/or the Libertarian Party of Georgia. We have already scheduled several campaign appearances for candidates, a half-day "Campaign Class" for our first-time candidates, as well as some events to raise our profile for the next couple of months, and we will continue to do so. For many, just showing up is a "win," and these appearances will let people know we are an active and viable party. We encourage each of you to attend your local meetings and events to give a presence or support at EVERY event possible and we have a new order of LP Georgia push cards arriving any day.

Finally, the efforts we make are not always free, so we need your help. If you aren't already, ask all your interested friends to become a member. If you can, start a monthly or quarterly pledge to LP Georgia. Can you skip one restaurant meal a month to give the party $20 for each month left in 2010? If your budget does not allow that, consider giving up one Starbucks a month to give $5. Every PENNY you donate is accounted for and put to work in sharing our message of smaller government, lower taxes and more freedom.
I would like to ask you to stand up and let the Republicans, the Democrats, and the media know we are NOT a "third party," but we are the LIBERTARIAN PARTY of Georgia.

A PROUD Libertarian,

Stephen Vasil
Vice Chair, Libertarian Party of Georgia

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