Monday, May 10, 2010

Party Time at Famous Sports Pub in Toco Hill's Tuesday Night at 7:00PM

Alrighty then.

The long, hard slog is coming to an end and Libertarians from all over State Senate District 42 are invited to gather at the Famous Sports Pub in Toco Hills to watch the election returns with Libertarian David Montané. It'll be a simple affair as the Candidate and supporters quaff a few brews and peer intently into laptop screens waiting for the magic numbers to pop up.

Who will win the race? Will there be a run-off? Will turn out be high? Or low? Or in between? Which ever way it plays out, Libertarians across the state can be proud of their candidates in these special elections for helping to promote Libertarian ideals and making sure that the basic Libertarian concepts of Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedoms were included in their respective races.

Remember to vote on Tuesday to make sure your voice is heard. And then come on down to the Famous Pub and Party like a Libertarian!

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