Monday, May 10, 2010

Libertarian Brandon Givens Gets Interviewed by the Athens Banner Herald on Tomorrows Election in State Senate District 49

The Election is Tomorrow Folks.

Libertarian Brandon Givens was quoted along with the rest of the candidates in the race for State Senate District 49 today by Blake Aued of the Athens Banner Herald. The race in District 49 is eerily similar to the race in District 42 with one well funded republican candidate considered the front runner, another republican and Libertarian Brandon Givens rounding out the field.

Here's a snippet from the article and the readership is encouraged to slide over there and post a comment or two:

Givens, a teacher, is offering himself up as an alternative to the Republicans, who he said are decimating schools. Politicians like to scapegoat teachers while at the same time trying to cut their salaries through proposals to tie pay to student achievement, he said. They should leave education to the experts, he said.
"It's like they're actively trying to destroy education," he said.
Miller and Norman also seem to blindly support tax cuts without considering their impact, Givens said. As a senator, Givens said he would look at the facts behind issues, not ideology.
Like Norman, he said he favors eliminating property taxes. But where Norman and Miller both propose eliminating income taxes on people and companies, Givens said he wants to get rid of the corporate tax to draw businesses to Georgia. And Givens said he would only cut those taxes if he could raise enough revenue with sales taxes on goods and services.
"Those may be great ideas, but we need to make sure we have a stable funding source that's equitable," he said.

One element of tomorrows election is the expected extremely low turnout for the event. In District 49 there are projections for a voter turnout in the 5% range and only 11 people voted early last week. Does a low turnout election bode well for the republicans or the Libertarians? We'll find out tomorrow!

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian Brandon Givens!

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