Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Libertarian Candidate for Secretary of State David Chastain Picks up the Constitution Party of Georgia's Endorsement

Just in from the hardest working man in Georgia politic's, Garland Favorito:


Constitution Party Convention Recommends David Chastain for Secretary of State

ATLANTA, GA – Delegates to the state convention for The Constitution Party of Georgia unanimously passed a motion recommending that its members and supporters strongly consider supporting Libertarian David Chastain for the Office of Secretary of State in the 2010 Georgia elections.

Party chairman Ricardo Davis explained the reason for the recommendation: “David is the only candidate in the race who has worked for verifiable voting in Georgia, for removal of petitioning requirements that keep third party candidates off the ballot and for preserving Constitutional rights of the people during elections investigations. These are all issues of great concern to our party members. His efforts to date have also been on a volunteer basis at no cost to Georgia taxpayers.”

Chastain emphasized the need to change Georgia’s archaic ballot access laws while speaking at the convention on Saturday May 8 in Austell. He explained how he met with a contingent from the former Soviet Republic of Georgia and realized that they had better ballot access and more candidate choices than people from the state Georgia here in America. He drew an analogy between a third party candidate attempting to meet Georgia’s petitioning requirements and the Jamaican bobsled team attempting to practice for the Olympics at home with no snow and no track.

The Constitution Party platform advocates a limited federal government, reduced federal spending, American sovereignty, repeal of the income tax and freedom of religion. More information can be found on their website at the address shown.

Media Contact: Garland Favorito, Elections Director 404 664-4044

They are right. David's been active in these key areas for years and your support for his run for SecState is crucial. Head over to his FaceBook page or Website and, fan or friend the man up and see what you can do to support his candidacy and spread the word for Liberty in Georgia.

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