Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Kathy with a "K" has Decided to Go

The race for State School Superintendent just got less crowded.

Incumbent State School Superintendent Kathy Cox (R) has jumped ship like Karen Handle and taken on a new gig with some outfit called the US Education Delivery Institute up in Washington DC according to the Political Insider. That cuts the competition on the republican side down to two contenders, one of which may end up appointed by Governor Purdue as the Interim State School Super if Kathy's resignation is effective immediately. Like he did for his best bud, interim SecState Brian Kemp.

Here's a novel idea. The Governor should appoint Libertarian Kira Willis as the interim State School Superintendent to give her the power of incumbency for the election's this fall. As of right now, she's the only candidate that will be on the ballot for sure this fall and there's no reason to wait for the publicly funded republican/democrat primaries to finish up to make a decision on the Governor's next appointment. Just sayin'.

So it looks like one of the two republicans running for the seat gets to keep the seat warm until November and as a result of having access to the warm seat, will be the favored candidate. No matter, Libertarian Kira Willis is going to light a fire in this race and push the ABC's over the finish line this fall. And she needs your help to make that happen. Head over to her website or FaceBook page and volunteer your time or treasure to bring change to education in Georgia.

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian Kira Willis for State School Superintendent!

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