Monday, April 12, 2010

Only 12 Days Left Before the State Libertarian Party Convention!

Mark your calenders!

There are only 12 days left until the Georgia Libertarian Party Convention starts at the Westin Hotel at 4736 Best Road by the Airport so it's time to get registered! Head over to the Georgia LP's registration page and plunk down the money to make sure you have your say on 24 APR 10 on the direction our party will take for the next year.

Remember that we'll be electing various and sundry administrative positions within the party like Chair, Vice Chair, district reps and others as well as voting on our slate of state wide candidates for the fall. It's your chance to hear first hand from US Senate Candidate Chuck Donovan, Gubernatorial Candidate John Monds, SecState Candidate David Chastain, Labor Commissioner Candidate Will Costa, Superintendent of Schools Candidate Kira Willis as well as State Senate Candidates David Montané and Brandon Givens.

It'll be a fine day for Liberty and it is critical that every Libertarian in Georgia makes an effort to attend. See you there!

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