Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Debate Questions!

Here they are!

These are the questions that will be posed tonight at the DeKalb LP sponsored debate for the special election in State Senate District 42. The debate will be held at the Famous Pub in the Toco Hills shopping center and will start as close to 7:00PM as possible. The venue for the event seats about 60 people so it would be wise to show up a little early. If you have the opportunity to attend, be there!

The candidate slate will feature Tom Stubbs (D) and David Montané (L). Jason Carter (D) has a previously scheduled event as does Steve Patrick (I) and neither candidate will be in attendance. Perhaps another debate will be scheduled before the 11th of May that all the candidates can attend. Perhaps not.

The format will allow each candidate to make some short introductory remarks and we will then proceed to the questions listed below. The question will be posed, each candidate will respond and a short period for rebuttal will follow the responses. Then on to the next question. When we're done with the the published questions and if there is time, we intend to take several questions from members of the audience. Once that's done, the candidates will make their closing remarks and then it's off to the bar for a beer and more politicking.

Here are tonights questions:

1. Whats your position on the Death Penalty?

2. Many District 42 voters are concerned about sustainability. How would you address these concerns?

3. So Far, 14 out of 50 states have legalized the medical use of marijuana. What is your position on this issue?

4. There is a trend in District 42 for the creation of community gardens and backyard chicken coops. Is it the role of the state to interfere with this?

5. Another hot topic for the voters of District 42 is equal protection and equal rights for all Georgia citizens under Georgia law. What would you do as a State Senator to address these concerns?

6. Does the federal government under our constitution have the authority to force a citizen into a contract with a private company?

In addition to these questions there will be several speed rounds where the candidates will be asked to pick between two choices, for example Color or black and white, Big Mac or Whopper and so on.

We hope the event will be informative and allow the voters of District 42 an opportunity to begin to make their decisions on who to cast their ballots for on the 11th of May.

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