Monday, March 1, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot over at the Rome News Tribune

Hey Kids,

The Rome News Tribune is running an interesting article from the Athens Banner Herald about SecState Kemp's grandstanding to the base with his announcement that he's gonna take the DoJ to court to get a resolution on Karen Handel's voter denial process, er....citizen verification process. It's pretty well thought out but did overlook Libertarian David Chastain's presence in the race. We fixed that and urge the rest of the readership to follow suit. Here's the post:

Greetings All,

In addition to facing a democrat opponent this fall, SecState Kemp, if he survives his primary, will also be squaring off against Libertarian David Chastain. Of all the candidates currently vying for the office of Secretary of State, the only one you are sure to see on the ballot this fall is David Chastain.

While the current kerfuffle with the DoJ is getting all the airtime, the more serious problem of our wondrous Diebold Electronic voting machines ability to simply "drop" votes remains largely unreported. David Chastain has been pursuing a resolution to this problem for some time and it was one of the major reasons he decided to run for the office of SecState this year.

So you have to ask yourself which is most important? Spending your department's time and money preventing a small minority of voters from casting a ballot or ensuring that the Diebold machines are replaced with a system that actually allows for a audit trail. Consider that these Diebold DRE's consistently produce blank ballots at a rate of .5% to 3% of the votes cast on them and are not capable of being audited. A blank ballot is one that an actual voter took into the booth and used to vote and yet the Diebold machines did not record their choices. That citizen's vote did not count, maybe that was your vote.

Are any of the other candidates for SecState talking about this problem? No. Do any of the other candidates for SecState have a plan to solve this problem? No.

David Chastain does. Check out his website at to get the inside skinny.

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian David Chastain for Secretary of State!

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