Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet David Montané at The Marley in Decatur on the 25th of February!

Hey Kids,

It's time to meet David Montané! The Libertarian Candidate for State Senate District 42 will be at The Marley House in Decatur next Thursday night, 25 FEB 10, starting at 7PM. We urge all liberty minded individuals in Decatur to attend and meet the man himself.

Marley house is located at 426 West Ponce de Leon Ave in the heart of Decatur, right next to the Decatur Post Office. Old school Decatur Libertarians will recall with some fondness the annual income tax protest day at the Decatur Post Office along with some of the salty comments we used get there from other Decatur residents. Ah, the joys of exercising your first Amendment rights.

So plan to exercise your rights of peaceable assembly and make it a point to be at The Marley this Thursday and get to know District 42's next State Senator, David Montané!

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