Saturday, February 13, 2010

Libertarian David Montané's Almost Ready for Prime Time Website is Up!

OK Kids,

It's not completely finished, there are still maps of the 42nd to go up as well as more pictures of the candidate, but Libertarian David Montané's donate button is working just fine. We urge the readership to cruise by and check out David's issues page. It's cool because, unlike the Jason Carter Juggernaut, David actually has some issues he wants to talk about.

What kind of issues? From the web site:

On the Issues

1. Get the government out of our bedrooms...
Equality of Domestic Relationships:
As a freedom-loving married heterosexual, I know that if I want my own liberties to be defended, I must also defend the rights of homosexuals to care for their loved ones and receive the same benefits given me.
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2. Get the government out of our refrigerators...
Consumer choice in foods will lead to higher nutrition and better health, and also benefit small, local farms that specialize in naturally grown products.
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3. Get government out of the killing business...
Since 1973 (remember this date), 139 Americans, including 5 Georgians, were sentenced to death but were eventually exonerated after being in prison for an average of nearly 10 years each. Right now, over 100 accused Georgians sit on death row in Jackson, Georgia. You can be sure there are at least a handful of Georgia death row inmates who are completely innocent of the charges which led to their having been condemned to death.
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4. Get government focused on the real criminals, and off victimless crimes...
Give us the right to pursue happiness. Or at least to pursue freedom from pain...
Even though you and I may not smoke marijuana, this narcotic has gotten a lot more bad press than it deserves and is not as harmful or addictive or violence-inducing as alcohol. Prohibition against alcohol ended many decades ago. And yet, many peace-loving, non-violent people, including those who are just looking for relief from pain, are arrested for growing or possessing marijuana, which goes on their record.
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5. Allow alcohol purchases on Sunday...
David Adelman, among others, made a serious attempt to get SB26 passed, but it did not quite go through. I will pick up this ball again and run with it.

So there you have it, a Libertarian Candidate on the loose in the State Senate District 42 Special Election. How do those issues stack up the education, transportation and opportunity issues championed by democrat Jason Carter and democrat Tom Stubbs? maybe we'll find out if they can come up with more than bullet point on their websites and FaceBook pages. Come to think of it, does Tom Stubbs have a website or a FaceBook page? We shall investigate.

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