Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Libertarian Taylor Bryant's endorsement put Democrat Hardie Davis over the Top!

Hi Kids,

Well the dust has settled in the run-off for State Senate District 22 in Augusta and the newest State Senator in Georgia is Hardie Davis. And the main reason he defeated Harold Jones was the endorsement made by Libertarian Taylor Bryant the week after the special election was held that led to this run-off. We congratulate our democrat brothers and sisters on their win and urge them and Senator Davis to remember who helped put him in office. Libertarians showed up on the coldest day of the year to exercise their ballot rights and responsibilities and returned to the polls yesterday to finish the job.

For those of you who love data, here are some selected precinct results from the 5 JAN 10 special election and the 2 FEB 10 run-off for your viewing pleasure:

------------5 JAN 10 Special Election------3 FEB 10 Run-Off

There are complete returns up over at the Richmond county website for those of you that want to to plow through the whole thing. These precincts are the one with the highest Libertarian vote totals in the Special Election and it's pretty obvious that those Libertarian voters took Taylor Bryant's endorsement to heart and returned to the polls to vote for Senator Davis.

All in all, a fine finish to a fine campaign by Libertarian Taylor Bryant. Way to go Taylor!

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