Thursday, February 4, 2010

Libertarian David Chastain has a Candidate Forum on 6 FEB 10

Big News Kids,

Libertarian David Chastain will participate in a Secretary of State Candidate forum scheduled for Saturday, 6 FEB 10. The forum is part of an extensive program put together by the fine folks over at the Georgia Christian Alliance and will feature a republican governor candidate forum, several big wigs from the state house and both US Senators from Georgia. An all star cast all around.

It's a fundraising event for the Alliance, so the tickets are $25.00 a pop. The coolest thing about this shindig is the fact that David will have his first opportunity to appear with the Interim SecState Brian Kemp as well as republican Candidate Doug McGinnitie and thus provide the people of Georgia with a first glimpse of his stands on the issues affecting the Office of the Secretary of State. It's a major appearance for David and we urge those of you who can attend to do so.

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