Saturday, February 20, 2010

Libertarian David Chastain nails #2 spot on Page one on Bing out of 491,000 Results!

That Cyber MoJo must be working,

Granted, Candidate Brian Kemp (R) has Bing page one ranking out of 1,730,000 returns but why is Candidate Doug MacGinnitie (R) is only pulling page one out of 2,540 returns? So much for that huge $700K campaign chest. How does David Chastain do it? He's got no money, damn little staff and has to work at an actual job while he's running for SecState.

Karma, baby, Karma.

The fact that he's speaking the truth about our Diebold mess in Georgia has caused a lot of resonance from both the Left-o-sphere and the Right-o-sphere as well as lots of comments and posts from right here in the Cent-o-sphere. Add in the fact that he's promised to fix it and not hire former Diebold Lobbyists for important positions at the SecState's office and the result is that people talk about it. A lot.

And that's what Georgian's need. Plenty of talk, talk about why didn't Ex-SecState Karen Handel fix the problem like she said she would? Why did Sonny appoint Kemp as acting SecState when he's a freakin' candidate for the job? And why is Kemp gushing about Ex-SecState Louis Massey agreeing to be part of a committee to help him with his "transition"? That's the guy who saddled us with the Diebold crap to start with!

So keep on chattering folks, keep on posting and asking the obvious and not so obvious questions and help elect Libertarian David Chastain the next Secretary of State in Georgia.

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