Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jason Shaw declares for State House Seat 176!

Hi Kids,

That took about two days. According to the fine folks over at That's Just Peachy, Jason Shaw, the 37 year old son of State Rep Jay Shaw has thrown his hat in the ring for the soon to be vacated House seat currently held by his father. The Senior Shaw is moving on up to the State Transportation Board, First District after defeating opponent Buddy DeLoach for the open seat. The Senior Shaw will finish this session of the House before taking on his new job. Congratulations to Rep Shaw on getting a full time 5 year gig.

District 176 has been one of the safer democrat districts in Georgia as Rep Jay Shaw was unopposed in three of his last four campaigns and has represented the district for the last 17 years. The district includes the legendary city of HaHira, as well as Lakeland and Homersville and includes all of Clinch and Lanier Counties as well as parts of Lowndes and Berrien counties. The district is right down on the Florida line, about as south Georgia as you get.

So one candidate has declared. And we are starting to look for a Liberty minded guy or gal who would be willing to take a shot at this seat. Remember kids, in special elections you have to be 21 years of age or older, able to hold office (No Felonies) a resident of the district for at least a year prior to the election and be able to pony up the $400 dollar filing fee. If any of the readership knows of anyone that fits that description, give us a shout out!

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