Sunday, January 10, 2010

State House District 19 Has A Candidate!

Hi Kids,

A mysterious Mr. David Stout has filed for the upcoming special election over in State House District 19 as a republican. The information listed over at the State Ethics Commission website is somewhat sketchy, but we now know that there is a least one candidate looking to replace Ex Speaker of the House Glenn "Where's my Pants?" Richardson. When is the Governor is gonna tell Brian Kemp over at the Sec State's office to get this special election up and running. Time's a wastin'!

A quick look around the internet reveals there was a David Stout over in Euharlee that a buch of guys and gals were talking bad about last November on a local discussion board about a missing truck. That David Stout is on the city council and Euharlee is not in District 19.

The only firm info is that the mysterious Mr. Stout hand delivered his DOI (Declaration of Intent) down at the capitol on the 4th of January 2010 so he has to be lining up for a shot at Richardson's old seat. There is no mention of him of the Paulding county republican website in the leadership section or the precinct leader sections. Perhaps he's a rogue.

Just for kicks, we took a look for Paulding county democrat organizations and couldn't find one. No county level organization exists on the internet and after a quick look at the state democrat website, no affiliates are listed out that way either.

So the mystery continues. A rogue republican has got the jump on us but we'll see how the recruiting efforts go. If any of the readership knows of someone in District 19 that's interested, let us know.

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