Saturday, January 9, 2010

Money Bomb? Money Bomb? We don't need no stinkin' Money Bomb!

Hi Kids,

Well I've recovered from the general system shock I experienced yesterday upon reading about democrat Jason Carters phenomenal fundraising efforts. $82,000 in less than three weeks for a State Senate seat has got to be some kind of record. That in turn led me to start thinking of ways our Libertarian candidate might be able to raise funds for the impending Special Election in Senate District 42. The internet is a wonderful thing and my travels soon led me to the "Money Bomb" concept.

I was enthralled by the simple idea of thousands of supporters all chipping in $20 or so on a given day expressly for the purposes of large scale, race changing fund raising and making the local media outlets. What a two-fer! Your candidate gets some yard sign money and the local media treat it like a news event, generating some "earned media". Earned Media is apparently much different than paid media because it's the stuff in the news stories you watch until the commercials come on. Kind of like a kick back, only legal. Somethings gotta be news, right?

Then I realized the inherent weakness in the money bomb concept. You need thousands of supporters that actually have money, are paying attention and want to play. A quick look around Libertarian Land here in Georgia does not indicate that big a crowd and with all the other independents stealing our oxygen, the probability of us pulling off a successful Money Bomb are questionable to say the least. Especially in a special election environment where the time frame is so short.

So we're not going top write off the concept, we'll just wait until the election is in cycle and see if any of our candidates main issues resonate with the citizens and denizens of the 42nd district. I have a good feeling that two or three of them will draw national support from outside the district, not as far away as Hong Kong, but hey, paypal works all over the world.

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