Monday, January 11, 2010

Bludgeon & Skewer get Listed in the Georgia Libertarian Online!

Check it out Kids,

The Guys and gals down at the State LP have graciously linked to us in the Georgia Libertarian Online, an email newsletter sent out to the faithful to keep all us Libertarians up to speed on events of importance. We are proud to be included.


  1. America was founded on individual liberty and local government no more than one day’s horseback ride from the governed. The 19th century Democrat was the staunch defender of state’s rights, which, under Federalists, Whigs and Republicans was assigned the role of slavery’s justifiers. The civil war cost us local government, the laws affecting behavior rising to the states and then the Federal government, way outside the one-day horseback distance rule that worked so well. The vigilante movements in the West and South were remnants of local home rule, where citizens concerned with the way they were governed took action to right the wrongs. The Tea Party Movement is another example of citizen participation against the governing elite centered far, far from the folks. It demonstrates the founding ideals of America are still the dominant tradition. The 20th century Democrats have declared war on Tea Parties as vigilantes and on America’s founding traditions, as cited in THE CHANGING FACE OF DEMOCRATS, Our Lost Libertarian Roots on

  2. Hey Kids,

    Check out Clay's website by clicking on his name. The dudes got some interesting stuff to read.