Friday, January 8, 2010

Jason Carter is sitting on a $76,000 dollar war chest!?

Mind Boggling Fundraising numbers!

You gotta love the Georgia State Ethics Commission website. It is chock-O-block full 'o interesting stuff about politics here in Georgia. Since I'm recovering from our efforts to get Taylor Bryant elected as the first Libertarian State Senator in Georgia, I decided to take a quick look-see at the District 42 race in Decatur. Lo and behold, Jason Carter filed campaign disclosure paperwork on 31 DEC 09 along with Tommy Stubbs. You gotta hand it to those lawyers, they know how to dot the "i"'s and cross the "t"'s.

Conventional wisdom here in Georgia is that if you really,really want a State Senate or House of Representative's seat under the Gold Dome, you better get busy and get your hands on about $40,000. You'll spend it on yard signs, radio and TV ads as well as canvassing and the critical GOTV efforts on election day. Politics ain't cheap, which goes a long way towards explaining why it's a rich man's game.

Democrat Jason Carter has doubled down and raised $82,000 dollars for his race already and still had $76,000 in the bank as of 31 DEC 09. And as the race might not get started until middle to late February, god only knows how much more he might be able to stuff into his campaign coffers between now and then. Could State Senate 42 turn into a $500,000 dollar campaign? Is that possible?

I feel sorry for democrat Tommy Stubbs, he's showing $500 in the pot. Well, not that sorry, he's got $500 more than the Libertarian candidate as of right now. And the sitting Senator, Bundlin' Dave Adelman has a little over $171,000 sitting in his campaign accounts, I wonder if he's gonna pull a Richardson and stuff that into some kind of PAC once congress gives him his new job in Singapore. Or he could do the right thing and dump all that money into the Libertarian Party of Georgia. Yeah, right.

So, click the title of this post and head over to the State Ethics commission website and look at the fine print on Jason. Really interesting, especially the $4800 dollars from some buds of his in Hong Kong. They probably got condo's in Decatur or something. The really cool thing is that 19 of contributors actually have Decatur addresses, that's 19 votes he can count on!

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