Saturday, January 2, 2010

Georgia State Senate District 22 Precinct Data from 2008

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We've been busy looking at the vote totals by district over in Richmond county in the 2008 election to see if there are some islands of conservative voters in the overall sea of blue and there are! Based on the votes cast in the US Senate run off between US Senator Saxby Chambliss and democrat Jim Martin (courtesy of Libertarian Allen Buckley!) there does appear to be about 5100 motivated conservative voters residing in the following precincts:

1.) Precinct # 703 National Hills Baptist Church 2725 Washington Road

2.) Precinct # 702 St. Marks United Methodist Church 2367 Washington Road

3.) Precinct # 701 Aldersgate United Methodist Church 3185 Wheeler Road

4.) Precinct # 602 Cokesbury Methodist Chuch 2005 Windsor Spring Road

5.) Precinct # 301 Covenant Presbyterian Church 3131 Walton Way

6.) Precinct # 603 Burns Memorial United Methodist Church 2372 Lumpkin Road

7.) Precinct # 606 New Horizon Church of God 1800 Windsor Spring Road

8.) Precinct # 601 Gracewood St. School & Hospital Gym Magnolia Dr. Bld # 22

9.) Precinct # 202 Bernie Ward Community Center 1925 Lumkin Road

10.) Precinct # 307 Woodlawn Methodist Chruch 2220 Walton Way

11.) Precinct # 107 Julian Smith Casino 2200 Broad Street

12.) Precinct # 303 Aquatics Center 3157 Damascus Road

13.) Precinct # 101 Asbury United Methodist Church 1305 Troupe Steet

Here's a by precinct breakdown of the votes cast for Saxby in the 2008 US Senate run off, the votes cast for John Monds in the 2008 General election and the votes cast for the republican state senate candidate in 2008.

Precinct 2008 US Senate Run Off Votes 2008 PSC General Votes 2008 State Senate Votes
701 --------------629-----------------------------597-----------------------445
702 --------------410-----------------------------380-----------------------454

Total Votes-------5128----------------------------4923----------------------4069

Now remember, these are not all the precincts in State Senate District 22. They are the ones that had the most republicans show up at the polls. And the US Senate Run Off is the closest race to the current special election in that it's a one time deal that's not part of the General election cycle.

When you add them up they work out to around 5100 dedicated liberty minded conservatives that go to the polls. Those 5100 voters are pivotal to Taylor Bryant's efforts in the District 22 race. The advance voting has been light and the turn out on the 5th of January is supposed to be 15% to 20% of the normal voter turnout. these 5100 votes could win this race!

That's where the focus is, if you know anyone in these precincts, give 'em a buzz and ask them to vote for Taylor Bryant!

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