Sunday, January 3, 2010

48 hours left in Taylor Bryant's Historic Run for State Senate 22!

Hey Kids,

We are down to the wire. All the radio ads are running, the flyers are being handed out and the Augusta media is ratcheting up the coverage and endorsements on the special election to decide Augusta's next state senator. And Taylor Bryant is still in there slugging away. We sent a scouting party of non-linear malcontents out to Augusta this morning to help with the door to door operation and take a quick look-see around town to get a flavor of what's going on.

It's massive. There are billboards all over the place and I think you could walk from one end of that town to the other without stepping on the ground just by hopping from one banner sign to the next. The clean up is gonna be expensive if the democrat candidates don't police up their signage, lets hope it turns out better than that post inauguration thing up in DC.

It's clear that democrat candidate Davis and democrat candidate Jones have raised a ton of money for this race. About $110,000 between the two of them from what the financial disclosure documents at the State Ethics Commission website indicate. It's also clear that the Augusta Chronicle is solidly behind democrat candidate Davis, they have been falling all over themselves singing his praises in todays paper. But the interesting thing about that is the groundswell of comments that favor Taylor Bryant following those articles. The positive comments are running better than three to one for Taylor and are quite pithy. All of you should head over and toss your thoughts into the mix.

But this race rolls on to the finish and Taylor Bryant still needs your support. Right now, tonight, you need to go to Taylor's website and drop a dollar or twenty on his donate button. Taylor has some radio ads running on AM 1230 and could use your help to run more. That's critical. More critical is the need for some liberty loving, cold weather gear wearing volunteers to stand outside of polling stations and wave Taylor's yard signs. Tuesday is supposed to be as wet and miserable as Valley Forge or Bastogne, in the teens with a cold mist blowing. Absolutely miserable. That kind of work calls for a special kind of patriot, you could be one of them.

Lastly, if you haven't already called all your friends and relatives in Augusta and asked them to vote for Taylor, get to it. If every disenfranchised republican, liberty loving Libertarian and Tea Partier gets to the polls and votes for Taylor Bryant, victory is certain.

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Taylor Brant for State Senate!

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