Saturday, January 2, 2010

Augusta's Revolution Radio 1230AM is Talking about Taylor Bryant!

Hey Kids,

If you want to hear more about Taylor Bryant's historic run for Georgia State Senate, then tune into Tony Power's "Power to the People" broadcast over at TalkRadio 1230AM. It's the only broadcast outlet in Augusta that's putting out real info on Taylor Bryant's effort to bring common sense government for the citizens of the 22nd district all the way to the State Senate. Tune in to 1230AM and call Tony with your questions, statements and opinions on this important race.

There's only three days left until the election and it is very important for all of you to call or text or tweet anyone you know in Augusta and tell them to get to the polls. Taylor and his volunteer crew are out in the freezing cold right now knocking on doors and handing out literature, so go to Taylor's website and drop a dollar on his donate button to help the cause of Liberty!

Vote fro Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for and support Taylor Bryant for State Senate!

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