Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Special Election in House District 50!?

Get This Kids,

Representative Mark Burkhalter is looking to bolt from the Georgia House to pursue international business opportunities in London. That means yet another opportunity for the Georgia Libertarian Party to get a candidate in a state house race without petitioning! Hell, at this rate we'll have run out of serving politicians by the time November gets here! So there's the pending special election in State Senate District 42 in Decatur, State House District 19 over in Paulding County and the possibility of a special election in State House District 50. This is the best year ever for special elections and we aren't even up to mid January.

All these special elections are special because they are the races in Georgia that actually give our citizens a choice. I know that January is early and all, but right now, out of 180 Georgia House districts there are only 9 districts that have a democrat and a republican vying for the same seat. 9 Districts. Out of 180. That's two party democracy? That's competition? That's a choice for the citizens of Georgia?

There are currently 13 districts where the sitting incumbent is facing a primary fight by another member of his own party, but to me that's not contested race, it's contested primary. The end result in November is an unopposed candidate. Still no choice for the voters of Georgia.

Because of the roadblocks and hurdles placed in front of any third party candidate by our state's 1943 Jim Crow Ballot Access laws, this situation will continue for the foreseeable future. It's 2010 kids, how long will we be held hostage by the legacy of Eugene "I stole for you" Talmadge and his fellow democrat cronies who passed the original legislation? When do Georgian's break the 60 year old bureaucratic bonds that stifle opposing views and block progress? When the hell is the 21st century coming to Georgia?

This November, that's when. Don't worry about which republican survives the primary, and don't sweat which democrat is on the ballot in November. They are secondary considerations. Look for a guy named John Monds, the Libertarian candidate. Vote for John Monds and take the first step to overturn Georgia's ballot access laws. A vote for John Monds is really a vote for freedom and choice, It's the American thing to do.

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